However you found me, welcome to my website and blog.

Over the past few years I’ve been writing, volunteering, speaking, and working with a variety of nonprofit organizations that I believe in.

I now work full-time as a humanist educator, speaker, and marketing professional and I couldn’t be happier. For more about all the things I’m up to, check out my About page.

Speaking & Weddings

Some of my work takes the form of speaking at conferences and performing humanist or non-theist weddings, if you are here for either of those things, check out the Speaking and Weddings sections respectively.

About HumanistNotes

My hope with this HumanistNotes.com and my work in general is to build bridges. I hope to have a place here for the many types of non-believers out there and the organizations that support them. I hope to create connections between those of us who don’t believe, those that do, and those who are trying to figure it out. I hope we come to recognize the great contributions both secular and religious organizations have been making to promote our causes.

I have a hunch that there are many folks out there who struggle with those big questions about how the world works and find that many religious paths no longer make sense to them. I hope that this blog will help people find a place that does make sense.

I believe we are more powerful when we can bring our whole selves to the table, when we can be honest about what we believe in and what we don’t and build connections within and between communities that respect this difference along with the multitude of other ways we differ.


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